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Of 100 bodybuilders that we polled, how many do you think said “yes” to the question “Do you drink more than 3 alcoholic drinks a week?" 25%? 50%? Higher? More importantly: is the number of bodybuilders who said yes HIGHER or LOWER than the number of 100 romance novel readers who said they believed in love at first sight?

In Keep It 100, up to eight players take turns looking at survey questions, and trying to predict how different types of people answered – how many said yes or no.

On your turn, you’ll take on the role of Slider, guessing WHERE your question cards slide into the ever-growing line of questions and answers. Will the hidden numbers on your cards be higher or lower than the numbers already in front of you?

Players win the game by correctly playing their survey cards into a lineup of other cards on the table. For example, if the line currently features cards with answers of 22, 44, and 75. The active player must correctly guess where the card from the hand would slot in that line of answers without actually knowing how many people said "yes" to their survey first.

The fun’s not limited to just one person. Each round, all the other players ALSO predict whether or not the Slider’s guesses are correct.

The free-for-all fun ends when all the cards are played and all the points are tallied, to see who’s REALLY kept it 100 (or more)!

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