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After stopping the rampage of financial Kaiju such as Debtzilla from destroying the world, top scientists discovered that the biomass left behind by the now slumbering monsters is extremely valuable. The resulting scientific breakthrough led to an explosive demand for more biomass material and nations scrambled to gather and trade these materials. As the leader of a biomass production start-up, it falls upon your shoulders to secure essential biomass materials and reap the benefits of this global demand to keep the coffers flowing. Procure and trade various monsters’ biomass in order to expand your operation and keep your crew happy. Negotiate, trade and bribe your competitors to corner the supply chain and monopolize the demand by securing secret exclusive contracts. If you feel that you are falling behind, you can ally with an AI controlled Banana Republic and try to snatch the victory from your competitors by helping Banana Republic gain victory. Every piece of information is crucial in this race to riches. Do you have what it takes to come out on top?

Back ground story of the World.
Kaiju Exchange takes place after the events of Cryptocurrency. The entire game series is part of a shared universe that involves Wongamania: Banana Economy and Debtzilla

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