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Hero’s Crossing

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Monsters and madmen are everywhere. Glory awaits the stalwart heroes who would stand against the forces of evil.
You’re not one of those heroes.

You’re the people behind the heroes - the shopkeepers and the smithies and the potion brewers who outfit adventurers with the gear necessary to undertake their quests.

In Hero’s Crossing, players manage individual towns that produce and sell resources heroes need on their journeys. Your task is to juggle supply and demand to best outfit the heroes with what they’ll need. Do your job wrong and a brave knight may end up fighting a dragon with nothing but twigs and shoelaces. Do your job right, and you may help save the world.

The game utilizes a color-coded dice drafting system, where players pick dice one by one to perform actions such as generating new resource cubes, moving resources around town, bidding on new buildings, or selling resources to heroes. Depending on the action, the color and number on the die matter in different ways - use a red weapon die, and you can generate weapon resources in your town, whereas a blue magic die may allow you to move magic resources from your production centers to your shops. Higher numbers on the dice make your actions more powerful, but they also make you a target: players can steal dice from each other or send spies into the towns of players who have an edge.

Each hero has different needs. Some may want several weapons, whereas others may want a mix of magic and potion resources. If you have the corresponding resources in your town, you can sell those to the hero, where every sale awards victory points. The more you sell, the more victory points you gain, and the more likely it is you'll win!

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