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Hedge Mage

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Build a hedge maze of polyominos to prevent your rival from stealing your gnomes, all while navigating your other neighbor’s maze to nab their gnomes.

It’s a wizard vs. wizard prank war and no gnome is safe! But this is a neighborhood of moderately powered Hedge Mages, with only two powers: grow shrubs, and animate garden gnomes. To sneak into your neighboring mage’s yard to yoink their gnomes, while keeping another rival mage from snagging yours, it’s going to take both powers you’ve got. Harness your horticulture magic to gather the greatest gnome collection!

- Construct a magical(ish) hedge maze to keep your gnomes in!
- Navigate your neighbor’s ever-growing labyrinth!
- Enchant neighboring gnomes, spark them to life, and steal them away to victory!

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