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Forest Guardians is going to Kickstarter on May 12th, more details:


Forest Guardians is a tile-placement game where players draw and place tiles of the mountain landscape and natural wonders of Taiwan. While exploring the wilderness, your main mission as a ranger is to work on reforestation, rescue wildlife, and respond to any threats to the forest. Throughout the game, players may develop ranger skills, protect the wildlife, and strive to become the true guardian of the forest.

Each player round is includes 2 steps:

Landscape Tile Placement: Draw a hexagonal landscape tile and place it on the table. Should the tile indicate an animal encounter, draw an animal card and place the corresponding animal token on the tile; if the tile indicates a forest fire or illegal logging, then forests might be destroyed.

Ranger Actions: There are five ranger actions that a player can choose from. The main action is to plant forests. Discard the required number of resource card and place the forest meeple on a tile. Planting trees give you victory points and upgrades your ranger skills. Other actions includes rescuing an animal, putting out a fire, swapping resource cards, and sending out rangers to protect your forest.

Besides planting trees, players gain points when placing the wildlife in their proper habitats; also, putting out fire will produce victory points. The game ends once a player has planted all the forest meeple on their character boards.

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