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2047: The first human mission to Mars launches.
2048: First human mission to Mars lands.
2054: First human colonization of Mars is declared a success.
2055: First privately funded expedition to the Moon is launched.
2059: First privately funded expedition to Mars is launched.
2063: Over one dozen new, privately funded expeditions are launched.

The new Space Race has begun.
In Exploration, players will take control of one of five corporations at the start of the new Space Race. Send out colonization ships, dispatch science expeditions, collect resources, modify your designs, develop new technology, or even sabotage your opponent’s missions; anything that can give you an advantage over your competitors.
But don’t forget: Space is vast and unforgiving, but with great risks come the chance to reap great rewards. Whichever corporation can best adapt to the rapidly changing priorities of the race and best manage their resources and missions stands to come out on top! Will your name go down in history as one who served as the Gateway to the Space Age?

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