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Be the first professor to win three rounds by assigning your grad students to the labs you think are most likely to answer a question correctly, thus earning the most citations and riding their labor up the ivory tower. Do you believe in yourself or follow along with whatever everyone else thinks?

With meticulously-researched, and specifically not easy questions across a variety of scientific, historical, and just really weird topics, Everyone Else Thinks this Game is Awesome will not only challenge your knowledge of the universe, but may explode scientific “truths” you think you know.

The game consists of turns where you are all asked trivia questions, simultaneously write down answers, and then assign grad students to different locations based on who, if anyone, you think wrote down a correct answer. Based on how well you predicted answers, including your own, you earn (or lose) citation points. Eventually, someone will climb their way up the academic ladder, win the game, and retire as an Emeritus Professor.

—description from the designer

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