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How do you win a world war, a game in which the stakes are so high that your nation's survival is at stake? You shall harness your industries to craft new technologies superior to that of the enemy. You shall make alliances with the neutral forces. You shall attempt to soar to the edge of the atmosphere and build the biggest bomb the world has ever seen. You shall never surrender! And in Domination, you shall do it all in a mere 90 minutes.

World War II was a diplomatic, military, and industrial "total war". Fought on the land, at sea, and in the air, it required mobilization of every imaginable resource. In Domination, a strategic, card-driven, area-control game playable with two players (or by three or four players in two teams), you shall harness your industries to develop new weapons, seek the support of neutral nations, form and fund massive partisan armies to resist hostile occupation, break the enigmatic enemy codes, and plan and execute military operations that will sweep across continents and oceans. Balance these tasks and make this your finest hour!

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