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Devil's Choice is a fast-paced shedding card game which challenges players to be first to play out their hands of number cards in sequences called queues. One queue is open to begin the game, others open randomly and as many as 4 can be open at once.

Players begin the game with 8-10 number cards and a devil card which they can use to create havoc by stealing a card from another player or by blocking an open queue. Any player who doesn't have a number card to play in a sequence during their turn must lay down their cards for all to see and draw at least one card from the bank. That's when the skullduggery and the scheming begins.

Any player who plays a rare red number card into a queue earns a blind draw from a treasure trove of wild cards, devil cards and Q-cards which they can use to open new queues. First out wins and cards held by losing players count against them.

One more thing. In poker a player with a bad hand can fold. In Devil's Choice a player dealt a poor hand is the underdog who can earn double points for winning. With much to gain and little to lose the pesky underdog can take risks and torment fellow players. The game has provisions for partnership play.

—description from the designer

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