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A newly minted class of drivers is ready for their first show. Get behind the wheel of one of the iconic trucks in the BIGFOOT family and show your stuff. The Original Monster Truck - BIGFOOT #1 smashes through cars and trucks, BIGFOOT Racer soars effortlessly over obstacles, Fastrax tears through mud and the sinister Snake Bite destroys everything in its path. Watch out for hazards and do a donut or five. Plan, Roll and Smash as the crowd goes wild!

In this competitive programming & press your luck game, roll specialized Monster Tire Dice to earn Action Points, Style Cards & Hazards. Program your Monster Truck’s path of destruction and use bonus cards to enhance your run, while your opponents place hazards to get in your way. Earn Victory Points as you jump, drive, splash, and SMASH your way through the arena!

After the first round, you'll add new obstacles for an even more smashtastic course. At the end of two rounds, the driver that impressed the crowd the most (aka: earned the most Victory Points) is the winner.

(Note: Bigfoot Roll & Smash is not responsible for any collateral damage caused by excess smashing. Please SMASH responsibly.)

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