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1212: Las Navas de Tolosa

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1212: Navas de Tolosa is a small tactical wargame for 2 players that allows you to revive this famous medieval battle of the Reconquista where two very different ways of understanding war face each other: the Christian one represented by the kingdoms of Castile, Aragon and Navarre, and the Muslim one represented by the Almohad Empire. Through action points, players move their troops across the battlefield and fight fiercely to death, but only if they learn to play their cards wisely they will be able to claim victory.
Each player plays one card face down. The two cards are revealed simultaneously. The player with the highest number wins the initiative. Starting with the player who has won the initiative, players take turns playing their cards as action points.
Victory conditions: the Black Guard troop is eliminated (Christian); 8 or fewer troops on the battlefield and no Cristian in the Muslim zone (Muslim); double or more troops than the rival (Both players).

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