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I grew up in San Francisco, CA with a huge extended family. Our get togethers would often involve playing board games. I got my Aerospace Engineering degree from UC Davis. Just before graduation, I had the crazy idea of joining the Air Force for four years or so. I ended up staying in for 20 years. I had many great and unique experiences while in the service - from flying in the backseat of a jet fighter to being dropped by helicopter in the middle of Iraq to investigate a plane crash

I met my wife in a salsa dance class and we've been dancing ever since. We have two daughters and they keep us on our toes. My wife is not as much of a gamer as I am but she is super supportive of my game designing hobby.

I began designing games in 2016 and found a community of interesting, intelligent, and unique people. I love talking to other gamer about what they're designing, what they're playing, and how they're expanding the gaming community. My game design company is called GCRS Games. This is such an exciting and vibrant time for board games. I'm so glad I found this community.

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