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Even though Meeple Mountain has only been live for 6 months and 11 days it seems like much longer. In that time I’ve interviewed Alexander Pfister, and Randy Hoyt. I’ve documented my Game Every Day progress. I’ve written a series on running a board game event, board game reviews on Port Royal, Yspahan, Medieval Academy and dozens more; and I’ve done it all alone.

Elijah Longwell

But now I’m happy to announce that I’ll be joined by friend and fellow gamer Elijah Longwell. Elijah is a recruiter by day, board game enthusiast by night, and a firm believer that collecting can be just as fun as playing games. He loves games just as much as I do, but also enjoys heavier games (which aren’t really my thing). It’ll be awesome to see his take on board game reviews and board game news.

Read Elijah’s bio or his first article right now. Find out why He Loves Board Games (And Why He Thinks You Should Too). Please join with me in welcoming Elijah Longwell to the Meeple Mountain family!

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