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Moustache Smash Game Review

Match your 'Stache, then smash. Match shapes and colors in Moustache Smash, the uproariously fun family game of slapping and 'staching.

Moustache Smash Overview

Moustache Smash is a seriously fun and silly family game for 3 to 6 people. Be the first to smash your moustache down on a card matching either the color, or shape, of your moustache. Collect the most cards by the end of the game and you’re the winner!

Moustache Smash cards

How to Play Moustache Smash

Setting up Moustache Smash is a breeze. Give one of the six moustaches on handles to each player. Shuffle the cards and place them face down in the middle of the table. Choose one player to start as the dealer and you’re ready to start.

Moustache Smash - In disguise

Moustache Smash couldn’t be easier to play, but it’s not so easy to win. At the beginning of each turn, every player raises their ‘stache into position by holding the handle up with the moustache in its proper place. The dealer for that turn flips over a single card into the middle of the table. If the card matches the color or shape of your moustache then you “smash it” and try to be the first to get the card to stick to the suction cup on the end of your ‘stache.

If the card is a Moustache Pass card, each player passes their ‘stache to the player on their left.

If the card is a Moustache Smash card, everyone smashes and hilarity ensues!

Be careful to smash a card thats not a match. You’ll have to put one of your previously matched cards onto the pile for someone else to try for!

Moustache Smash cards

The player with the most cards when the deck runs out is the winner. If there’s a tie, just play again! In fact, you should play again even if there IS a tie!

What I Like About Moustache Smash

There’s zero depth to this fun family dexterity game. It’s basically Slap Jack, with moustaches. But given it’s placement as a “kid’s game” I was surprised at the quality of the components. Games sold to this market are usually throw aways, meant to last a few months, or a year. The components in this game are really high quality, The moustaches themselves are thick rubber with really fun texturing. The handles are heavy duty as befits a game where the primary mechanic involves slamming them on the table repeatedly. The cards are really durable with a glossy coating and easy to read, even from across the table. Currently $10 on Amazon, the price is right for something that will give you hours and hours of fun with your friends or family.

This game is so simple to play I can show you how in just two frames of animation. Watch out for those little ones…they can sneak in and steal the card when you’re not looking.

Moustache Smash gameplay

What I Dislike About Moustache Smash

Honestly there’s very little to dislike about the game, unless you have REALLY high expectations. It’s fun, cheap, and fast. You’ll have a blast playing with people.

Final Thoughts on Moustache Smash

Moustache Smash is a fun game, plain and simple. Not deep, not complex, no decision tree; just endless smashing. Revel in playing this game with your kids. Have fun playing this game with your friends after hours at BGG.con, or Dice Tower Con. It’s $10 and plays up to 6 people. It’s a no brainer!

What do you think about Moustache Smash? Give us your opinions about what you like and/or dislike about the game in the comments below!

  • Mediocre - I probably won’t remember playing this in a year.

Moustache Smash details

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