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So you want to write about board games? That’s great! Thanks for your interest in Meeple Mountain.

These days, publishing content on the internet is easy. You can get a free Blogger, Wordress, or Medium site, start typing something up, hit publish, and presto, you’re a “published” author. But that’s not the end of the story, nor is it even the beginning. If you really want to have your voice, or point of view, heard in the board gaming community there’s a LOT of hard work that needs to be done before and after hitting that publish button.

That’s where Meeple Mountain comes in.

The Meeple Mountain roster of authors includes two published authors and experience in video, music, data science, and software engineering. This incredibly diverse skill set means that we can produce interesting and compelling content across a wide spectrum of the tabletop gaming industry. By joining our team of authors you’ll be grafted into our family and get to take advantage of a number of benefits including:

Collaborative editing – Every one of our authors wants to help make your content better. We make that happen by reviewing your pieces for grammar, punctuation, syntax, and accuracy, and we’ll ask the same of you. In addition, our editorial team will provide important feedback (when needed) on improving your writing style, voice, and how to write for the web.

Meeple Mountain Chat – One of our biggest strengths is the community we’ve built up since we launched All authors are invited to join the Meeple Mountain Slack group (our team communication tool) where we discuss article ideas, industry news, review other author’s articles and just have fun chatting with each other.

Review and early release access – We get it, you love board games just like we do. As an author at Meeple Mountain, you’ll be included in our list of possible reviewers for new and upcoming games that we receive from publishers weeks or even months before the general public. For some Kickstarter games your feedback may even result in changes to the final product. If you’re interested in joining the Meeple Mountain team, please send us an email and include the following:

  • A short bio of yourself
  • Some writing samples (existing online content, PDF files, student newspaper, etc).
  • Why you want to write about board gaming

Board gaming is a hobby for people of all colors, sizes, shapes, and ability levels and our goal is for our authors to represent that diversity. Thanks for your interest in writing for Meeple Mountain and we can that you can join our team!

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