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Nathan Baker

I'm a developer graduating from Nashville Software School in March, 2017. My 6-month bootcamp covers, among other things: Python, Django, Javascript, HTML, CSS, and GitHub. Here's my LinkedIn profile.

I live with my wife Colby in Franklin, Tennessee. We have two daughters. Our first daughter, Everly, only lived 3 weeks. Here is Colby and I playing Pandemic Legacy with our second daughter, Emme.

Pandemic Legacy with the family

Few things bring me more joy than playing board games. I enjoy playing worker placement games like Stone Age, war games featuring miniatures like Blood Rage, and dexterity games like Crokinole. For fun I also started designing a free 2-player, print-and-play board game called Volcano Cove.

Before software school, I was the content marketer for Raven, where I worked for over 5 years. In 2016 I founded a beer competition. Can Can Awards is the premier beer competition focused solely on canned craft beers. In our inaugural year, 250+ beers were entered from across the U.S. and beyond.

I'm published in NPR,, and elsewhere. When I'm not writing about board games, I'm writing anything from this on-page SEO study to this workbook on time management.