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Andy Matthews

I'm a husband, father, board game lover, and software engineer for Eventbrite. I am a published author with 4 books to my credit and almost 8 years worth of writing articles under my belt. I love board gaming of all sorts and so in 2015 I founded Meeple Mountain and started writing board game reviews. I play and review games of all genres, with an eye towards the lighter to medium end of the spectrum.

I do my best to play games, almost any sort of games, at least 4 or 5 times a week. My current personal challenge is to play at least one game every single day this year. My children end up being my primary gaming partners, especially my 10yo daughter.

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I'm as equally at home playing games like No Thanks or Battle Sheep as I am with games like Yspahan or Castles of Burgundy and Stone Age.

I run Nashville Game Night which draws about 50 people each month. I'm also the organizer of Nashville Tabletop Day.