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Have you ever looked at a tabletop game and thought I could do that? Maybe you can! Maybe you’re the next Vital Lacerda or Elizabeth Hargrave. But how does the initial spark of an idea become a collection of cards and cardboard interacting smoothly on the table in front of you?

Meeple Mountain is privileged to count several game designers as part of its team and we’ve persuaded them to give up their very best tips to help the budding game designer. Our Game Design articles cover the whole process, from creating your first prototype to stopping designing and starting developing. There are tips for the shy game designer, thoughts on using Kickstarter and a guide to creating a board game media kit.

Not planning on designing a game yourself but want to peer behind the curtain to find more about how the magic happens? Well, the various articles below are interesting for you too!

Is there an area of game design we’ve not covered? Drop us an email and we’ll see what we can do!

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