Tilt 5: The Much-Anticipated Arrival of AR Glasses for Board Games

Tilt5 has designed a system that’s perfectly fused traditional board gameplay with 3D, stereoscopic visuals and ultra-realistic holograms. Here’s how they did it and why the concept works so well.

Board Games and AR (augmented reality) sound like a match made in gaming heaven, but developing a gaming system that offers a smooth, immersive, and – most importantly – fun experience for players has proven tricky – even for the larger tech companies who’ve given it a go.

Tilt 5, however, has cracked it. The company, which came to prominence in 2019, has designed a system that’s perfectly fused traditional board gameplay with 3D, stereoscopic visuals and ultra-realistic holograms. Here’s how they did it and why the concept works so well.

Tilt 5: A New Approach to Incorporating AR into Board Games

Tilt 5 has developed AR glasses focused on board games. Rather than going down the route of general all-purpose AR specs, company designers were keen to create a product that does one job – create immersive board game experiences – and do it brilliantly.

The AR glasses are lightweight and must be connected to a phone or PC to operate. The field of view on offer is exceptional, much higher than that of the competition, standing at 110 degrees, and the 85% light efficiency of the lenses means they’re particularly transparent, too.

But how does the Tilt 5 tech actually work? Great question. The glasses themselves act as projectors, which send video images to the user’s PC or Android device directly to the game board. And the gameboard itself? This reflects these video images back to the user’s eyes to create a 3D, stereoscopic effect. The AR glasses will come with a “wand,” which can be used to direct, “touch,” and interact with the interactive holograms that appear as part of gameplay.

How about the cost of this innovative and exciting new tech bundle, though? Expect to pay in the region of $659 for a two-player bundle.

Creating the Ultimate Immersive Experience

Ok, if you’re a lover of stylish aviator glasses or designer frames, the chunky white framed AR specs may not be your aesthetic cup of tea. But what they may lack in fashion appeal, they more than make up for in functionality, creating ultimate board game immersive experiences for you and your friends.

Whether you battle it out over a virtual battlefield or team up to win the treasure, the Tilt 5 board and glasses turn your tabletop into a range of fantastic and fabulous virtual worlds. Plus, every player has their own unique perspective of gameplay and can view private information relating to their character.  Solo experiences are available, or you can choose to play remotely with friends wherever they happen to be.

What Games are Available?

There is already an impressive array of games available for the Tilt 5 system, and additional titles are being continuously added to the catalog. Current options include Takenoko-Tilt Five AR, which brings to life the gardens of imperial Japan in stunning 3D holographic detail before your very eyes. Or try your hand at Murder Mystery Machine – in this game, you’ll join the District Crime Agency to immersively explore crime scenes, organize your evidence, and present the case.

Puzzle lovers will enjoy SudoKats, who can take on the challenge of daily changing sudoku puzzles, all the while being immersed in the sights and sounds of Meowshore. The ability to look at each puzzle from a variety of viewpoints lends an additional angle to these classic games.

One of the most recent Tilt 5 releases is Catan: Tilt 5 AR – the original board game version of Catan won the prestigious Game of the Century Award in 2000 and is widely regarded as one of the best board games ever created. As you can imagine, the Tilt 5 version has been eagerly anticipated for some time.

Develop Your Own Games

The Tilt 5 AR glasses and boardgame system even allow would-be developers to create their own games or add holographic elements to their already-designed virtual worlds. With motion-tracking as standard, image stabilization tools, and no software or license fees to purchase, an increasing number of developers are turning to the Tilt 5 system to turn their gaming vision into a reality.

And for new developers ready for the next step, there’s the Tilt 5 Developer Program, which offers hardware, funding, demos, tools, marketing support, and more.

The Future

Tilt 5 isn’t done with AR glasses for board games innovating just yet. Indeed, the company has stated that it aims to pave the way for AR to enter the mainstream and will be focusing in the near future on developing cross-compatible content to create even more immersive and exciting virtual adventures.

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