Nashville Game Design Fair

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Thank you for taking interest in our inaugural tabletop game design event. Meeple Mountain has been supporting the Nashville board gaming community for nearly 5 years and it’s time we took the next step forward. We’re partnering with Game Makers Guild Nashville to establish a flagship event centered around the game design community. Nashville Game Design Fair will be a one day event focusing on designer networking, panels & talks, and lots of playtesting prototypes. We look forward to seeing you!

Register for Nashville Game Design Fair 2019!

Nashville Game Design Fair will be held on November 2nd from 10am-10pm. Nashville Software School is graciously providing the space for our event.

The address is:
Nashville Software School
301 Plus Park Blvd, Suite 300
Nashville, TN 37217

There is a non-refundable table reservation fee of $10 for designers. The deadline for registration ends on October 25th.

Designers register here

Attendees and playtesters get in free. To register visit the Facebook event linked below and mark yourself as “Going”. We’ll see you at the event!

Attendees register here!

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Friday, November 1st

Meeple Mountain and Game Makers Guild Nashville will be hosting an invitation only meet and greet for designers and publishers on the evening of Friday November 1st. The exact time and location is to be determined, details to be provided in advance of the event.

Saturday, November 2nd

10am-10:30am Check in & socializing
10:30am-11:30am Panel #1 – How do publishers develop and finish a game for distribution?
11:30am-12pm Free time
12pm-4pm Playtest Block #1
4pm-5pm Panel #2 – What do publishers look for to sign a game?
5pm-5:30pm Free time
5:30pm-9:30pm Playtest Block #2
9:30pm-10pm Close / breakdown

Confirmed Publishers

The following publishers have confirmed that they’ll be speaking at one or both of our panels.

Confirmed Designers

The following designers have been confirmed, along with the titles they plan on playtesting.

  • Carla Kopp
    • Tumble Town
    • Build the best town in the West in this spatial town and engine building game for 1-4 players that plays in about 45 minutes. Get building plans, the right materials, and place the buildings where the townspeople wish to earn the title of Mayor.
  • Jim Nally
    • Cattle Royale
    • Chaotic competitive cattle herding for fun and profit.
  • Peter Mancini
    • I’m Your Huckleberry
    • A game about opening the frontier and the Old West. Highly tactical gun fights.
  • Richard Maass
    • Cottontails
    • Hop through the farmer’s garden gathering the best veggies you can. Featuring quick turns, sharp tactical decisions, many ways to win, unique player powers, and a fun theme!
  • Brian
    • Europe on One Pair of Underwear
    • You’re a travel writer competing with other writers for the most credits on a travel guide called Europe on One Pair of Underwear. Where your currency is your underwear.
  • Jonathan Weaver
    • Chaos Runes
    • An ancient cavern filled with mythical Thaum has been discovered giving you the chance to become the Chaos Mage! Your hope is that your gem patterns and collection of spells will grant you the most power before the cavern collapses or another wizard unlocks the Deep Magic first!
  • James R Campbell
    • Black Powder
    • Black Powder is a 2-4 player competitive deck building game with a fantasy Western setting. Ages 13+, approximate playtime: 30-90 minutes.
  • Ryan Clapp
    • Covet
    • In Covet, players gain resources to trade for endorsements as they place cards on different locations around the city. As players do this, they will influence the locations and overlap cards to gain bonuses on their route to become the next King.
    • Myth of the Stars
    • Take the role of a Greek god has you turn myths and legends into the constellations. In this game of collecting stars and creating constellations, you will compete against the other gods and goddess that want to show they are the greater creator of the stars.
  • Keith Piggott
    • Anteros
    • “As the resources on earth start to dwindle, attention turns to the stars. Lead an expedition to mine asteroids for valuable resources “
  • Eric Hillstrom
    • Roots
    • A simple 2-player game about a plant’s roots. Place root pieces strategically to block your opponent and get the most water tokens!
  • Geno McNew
    • Dice Kingdoms
    • Dice Kingdoms is a dice manipulation area control game. Choose your die, use its powers, control the kingdoms.
  • Jeff Hale
    • Riding the Warp
    • Riding the Warp is a card drafting, hand management, racing game. Draft the right cards and play them in the right order to race your spaceship through the Warp.
  • Wes Cothran
    • The Wylds of Enoch
    • Set 400 years in the future, humanity takes to the stars, abandoning a dying Earth. Arriving on the planet Enoch, the 12 corporate colony ships find they are not alone, discovering it is inhabited with four alien species.The game picks up 250 years AE (after Earth), and is primarily a sci-fi setting infused with elemental shamanism.
  • Nick Kopp
    • Chicken Coup
    • A “coup-op” game for 2-4 players. The chickens have overrun their coop and are running wild. You and your fellow farmers must wrangle them before they take over or get caught by the fox!


Who are we? – Meeple Mountain produces high quality board game media, and runs well known events like Nashville Tabletop Day, and Nashville Game Night. Game Makers Guild Nashville runs Nashville’s premier game design events, with several published designers as regular participants.

Why are we doing this? – Board gaming in Nashville is growing by leaps and bounds, but the current landcape primarily centers around the average gamer. We want to offer the same high quality events Meeple Mountain is known for to the game designers.

Who can attend? – Nashville Game Design Fair is open to everyone, but tickets will be limited to 100 attendees.

What do I need to do to sign up as a designer/attendee/publisher? – Attendee, publisher, and playtester tickets are free. Designer will be charged a $10 reservation fee.

Why 1 day? – Because this is the first event of this kind in Nashville, we want an extraordinary 1 day fair rather than a weekend of mediocrity.

I don’t live in Nashville, where can I stay, and what I can do while I’m there? – Nashville is an amazing and vibrant city; full of wonderful food and even more wonderful people. You’ll find plenty of things to do, and places to stay while you’re in town. Don’t forget the hot chicken!

Why should I attend if I’m not designer or publisher? – Tickets for attendees and playtesters are free, tell your friends! Plus the game design process is fascinating. Nashville already has a number of published designers, so Nashville Game Design Fair will be a perfect place to see games that might show up on shelves next year.

Where can I game in Nashville while I’m here? – Meeple Mountain hosts Nashville Game Night on the 3rd Wednesday, and 4th Thursday of every month. A number of other groups host board gaming events as well. You can find out more information on the Meeple Mountain Nashville gaming directory page.


If you’re interested in contributing to a growing and vibrant game design community here in Nashville, and Middle Tennessee, please contact us. We’d love to chat with you about a sponsorship for Nashville Game Design Fair.

Nashville Game Design Fair 2019 Sponsors

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If you’re interested in volunteering for Nashville Game Design Fair, we’d love to have you join us. Managing time slots for designers, helping attendees find prototypes to play, and general assistance are all greatly appreciated.

I want to volunteer for Nashville Game Design Fair.

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