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Tycoon: India 1981

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Post independence from colonial rule, India had been left in shambles. It was the combined efforts of bureaucrats, politicians, and industrialists who worked together (and sometimes not so much together) to start a new industrial revolution following the five-year plans. It is the dawn of a new era, for liberalization and globalization has removed much of the licensing and red-taping that had hindered development of the industries.

In the game of Tycoon: India 1981, players represent big industrial houses of India that are trying to dominate the six key industrial sectors — minerals, fuel, agro, power, transport, and finance — by obtaining the rights from the government and building factories on a map of India. Although the goal is to be rich, they must try to influence national policies to their favor, as well as gain political votes to break ties, all while balancing wealth and fame in a series of rounds that will ultimately decide one winner!

—description from the designer

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