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The Sackson Legacy Collection: Red

The Sackson Legacy Collection: Red details

The Sackson Legacy Collection: Red overview

A collection of three games pulled from the design notebooks and older releases of designer Sid Sackson.

In Cinema, players engage in light negotiation to create movies that will (hopefully) be big hits at the box office and during awards seasons. Players take turns being The Producer, soliciting items from other players to assemble films, matching directors, actors, and actresses to scripts that suit their talents. After a set number of rounds, awards are given out to the most prestigious films, and the money earned from them is added to the money players have acquired during the game. The player with the most money wins!

In Dig Site (originally published as Corner, two players (or four players in two player teams) take turns moving their trowel tokens to different rows of the board, taking gems where their trowel and their opponent's trowel intersect. Sets of gems score more points the more you have of them, but be the only player with a gem type and double your score!

Included also is Sackson's classic Bowling Solitaire.

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