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TBH is a game about creating absurd dilemmas, and then predicting how the other players will react to them. Points are awarded for guessing the other players' responses correctly. The game consists of various cards, a Player Board for each player, and a score tracker board.

One player is the Dilemma Boss, and chooses two cards from the deck of prompts. They choose one to ask the rest of the group. The other players then respond with follow-up questions, to try and define the parameters of the hypothetical situation.

The Dilemma Boss gets to make up any answers they like about the situation. In this way, the round becomes a type of group storytelling exercise.

Once all players are satisfied that they know how to respond to the dilemma, everyone answers for themselves secretly on their own Player Board, and also plays a limited number of Guess Cards on other players' boards.

Upon the reveal, explanations are given, and correct guesses earn points. The number of points scales with how many other players guessed on the same person.

The game is created and published by, creators of Truth or Drink and Fear Pong.

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