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In Somewhere Under The Rainbow, you take on the role of one of the tiny winged critters of Glistening Grove. As a loyal resident of this land, it is your sworn duty to partake in the mysterious process of creating colorful rainbows, using a rare and secret ingredient: the crystalline poop of a Unicorn!

Armed with an enchanted plunger, you will fly your way through piles of multicolored Unicorn Poop and gather precious pieces of feces to build stunning rainbows. At the same time, you’ll need to prepare as many delicious dishes for the Unicorn as possible, to make sure the supply doesn’t run out.

Gameplay: On your turn, you can decide to either "Gather Unicorn Poop" or "Visit the Village". When you Visit the Village, you must perform at least one of the following three actions in whatever order you like:

Rainbow Maker: Trade Poop Tokens for Glitter Cubes by depositing at least 2 tokens of the same color into the tube of the Rainbow Maker. The more tokens you deposit at once, the more Glitter Cubes you receive in return.
Market: Use the Glitter Cubes to buy Ingredients at the Market.
Food: Earn Tasty Points by combining any two Ingredients to create a Food of a specific color to feed the Unicorn.

A rainbow is created once all six different colors of Poop Tokens have been deposited into the tube of the Rainbow Maker. The game ends when four rainbows have been created.

Poop Tokens used to make rainbows throughout the game can score you valuable bonus Tasty Points at the end. The more tokens of one color that were used, the more bonus Tasty Points go to the player who has earned the highest number of Tasty Points from Food of that color during the course of the game.

Goal: The player with the highest total number of Tasty Points wins the game, and is officially named the best Rainbow Maker in Glistening Grove!

—description from the designer

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