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Runika and the Six-sided Spellbooks

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Runika Jones is a four-foot-five professional thief and amateur runecaster. But one thing she isn’t, is stupid.

So when Runika picks the pockets of the Archmaster Luniorn the Green, headmaster of his own runecasting academy, she figures she’s done for. But instead, Luniorn offers her a deal: come study at his academy, learn how to properly cast runes, impress him, and graduate. That, or be turned over to the mercies of the Baroness’s keep guards.

It isn’t much of a choice really.

In Runika and the Six-sided Spellbooks, you take on the role of a student at Luniorn’s academy. Play against your friends or in one of four solo challenges. Draft customised dice, roll them, and move them into specific runic patterns to cast spells and survive the school year.

If you like dice games that tend towards skill over luck, or if you love the plucky heroes and heroines of young adult fiction or stories of magical apprentices, then you will like Runika. The game is all about making use of the resources in front of you to solve a puzzle that changes every turn.


Each copy of Runika and the Six-sided Spellbooks comes with:

80 dice (20 in 4 different elements)
4 spell master cards
4 player boards with rotating elemental disks
4 summary cards
40 mini-American cards (rune and merit cards)
53 tokens
1 bag
1 rulebook
1 guide to your first game

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