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ROVE Jr: Results-Oriented Versatile Explorer

ROVE Jr: Results-Oriented Versatile Explorer details

ROVE Jr: Results-Oriented Versatile Explorer overview

Even the most advanced ROVE bot needs a bit of training before it can tackle a trip to outer space. Practice your skills on this course to see how far you can get!

ROVE Jr. is a standalone entry in the ROVE series. In this solo spatial puzzler, the player must complete missions by using their movement cards to align ROVE’s modules in the proper pattern. Each module has a unique one-time ability that can give ROVE a much-needed boost at a key moment. As ROVE travels further, efficient use of movement points and module abilities becomes paramount to achieve success.

ROVE Jr. provides a more casual, kid-friendly experience than the original game without removing the core elements. Players now have only 4 modules to manage, and each movement card provides unlimited movement in any one direction. Additionally, players always refill their hand at the end of a mission. With these changes as well as variable difficulty options, ROVE Jr. is a great introduction to ROVE while still remaining appealing to existing ROVE fans of all ages who just need a break from the dangers of outer space.

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