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Reincardnated is a 2-6 player strategy game based on the theme of reincarnation.

In Reincardnated each player starts the game as a 'Starter Being' which is one of ten plants in the game. Players are then given a hidden 'Life Purpose' card which relays goals and being types players should try to incarnate through gameplay.

During gameplay, players take turns incarnating one of 60+ unique beings which create each players 'Life Line'. By incarnating beings, players gain 'Karma' cards. These 'Karma' cards allow players to impact their own 'Life Lines' and their opponents such as killing/reviving beings, forcing unexpected incarnations, and viewing 'Life Purposes' to better strategize.

When a player incarnates the 'Human Form', gameplay comes to an end. From here players reveal their unique 'Life Purpose' cards and add up their scores. The highest score wins.

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