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In Regency players take on the roles of the most famous (and infamous) rulers the world has ever known, competing to exert their influence over a general populace to amass the greatest fiefdom in all of history. The first player to assemble a complete fiefdom, consisting of six distinct castes of citizens, emerges as the supreme regent.

However, building the perfect citizenry is not as simple as it sounds. As players strive to exercise their influence over a fluctuating populace, rival regents will attract citizens away from the fiefdom where they have taken up residency, whether by allure, by force, or by treachery.

Regency is an interactive tableau building tabletop game where players use cards to exert influence over citizens and to perform actions and reactions. With the addition of each new caste of citizen (including nobles, religious, military, merchants, commoners, and even brigands), new actions become available, thrusting players into an increasingly dynamic and competitive environment.

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