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Pies is a quick and tasty trick-taking game in which players play fruit cards over the course of three rounds with the goal of collecting combinations of ingredients to prepare the tastiest pies

Each round consists of six tricks (five in a five-player game). One card is played by each player, with the person playing the highest-value card drafting one card from the trick into their display, with others following in order of descending card value, with the last player also receiving a Plum card. Special actions can be triggered at this point, allowing players to steal fruit cards or call the dog to protect their fruit from other thieves!

At the end of the game, the player with the most valuable pie mixes wins.

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Pies Game Review

Pies is a recipe that calls for one part trick-taking and one part tableau-building, but neither flavor comes through. Read more in this Meeple Mountain review.

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