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The last shall be first...
Make sure to be the last!!! Pan t'es Mort is back with a new edition, improved artworks and a new mechanism: The "double draw".

The game is separated into two phases.

Phase one is a trick-taking game with simultaneous card selection. First we check for ties. The tie numbers are gone and then the highest card wins. Cards are 1 to 6. Four times per card.

If after the first check we have a 1 card and a 6, then the 1 card wins the trick.

So now all keep the winning trick cards and we are ready for phase 2.

Phase 2 is Russian roulette, a game of chance. We have 6 cards (bullet cards) in the middle of the table, as a revolver. 5 "Clic" cards and one with a bullet...

On your turn (beginning with the player with the most cards from phase one):
You can draw a card (pull the trigger) or you can discard one card from that you collect before, to shuffle all open bullet cards back together and then draw one, you just spin the cylinder of the revolver, (no point to do it if you have to draw the first bullet)
or you can discard as many cards as alive players in the game to pass your turn to the next player. Finally, you can also choose to reveal two consecutive open bullet cards: If you survive, you'll be able to steal cards from other players!

When you draw we check if you die or live from the bullet card.
If you stay alive the game continues to the next player. If you die we shuffle the bullet cards and continue with the player with most cards.

Last man standing is the winner.

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