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Merchants of Infinity

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Welcome to the boundaries of space. Where worlds meet and collide. Where mysteries abound and fortunes are there to be made – destinies to be forged, aboard the Mandelbrot space station. Do you have what it takes to beat the technobazaar, get the best deals, fulfill ship orders, trade, scheme and outwit all the other Merchants of Infinity?

Merchants of Infinity is a space-bound game of resource-management, worker-placement, hand-management, set-collecting, auctioning and making lots and lots of money! Will you have the cunning and skill to master the markets, buy, trade and profit from the wildest dreams of spacers far and wide? You will need to use strategy, guile, quick-thinking and planning ahead to amass a fortune and win the game!

M.O.I takes place on Mandelbrot: a space station on the more-pleasant reaches of fractal space. Traders, adventurers, travelers and tourists explore its crowded streets, sample its strange foods and trade and negotiate their way to profit and prosperity. Gameplay is in several phases: First player is determined by a separate card-slinging round; second, the real trading begins then lastly, scores are resolved and we begin again! Whoever makes the most profit and gains the most Platinum (Victory Points) in a set number of rounds wins the game.

Players are influential merchants with wide-ranging influence and money to invest, to maximize profit. Should they trade in technology or navigational charts this cycle or put their money into spices, jewelry and food? Will they win their desired resources at a bargain price at the auction or secure a valuable order for goods at the spaceport? The clock turns, the warp winds and fractal space unfolds..!

—description from the designer

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