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Lost Adventures is an adventure archaeology movie game that captures the cinematic sweep of this genre of film. The game is played over two phases:

In the Map Phase, you will travel the world to acquire information about the lost temple, and select character cards to help prepare for its perils. On each of your five turns, you perform four steps:
1. Travel to a different city
2. Face an encounter
3. View temple secrets cards
4. Add a character card to your tableau

In the Temple Phase, you will jockey for position against your opponents as you face the temple's perils. On each, you write down a bid. You will move as many spaces on the temple track as the number of players with a lower bid. Then, reveal the temple peril: cards in your tableau matching the peril offset your bid, the remainder must be paid by taking on hubris.

At game's end, you must try to purge your hubris in the final hubris challenge; failure means your face has melted off! The player who is furthest along the temple track, with face intact, is the winner!

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