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In Looot, you need to gather resources and capture buildings to develop your fjord. Fill your longships and complete your construction sites in order to rack up your victory points. Store up the most riches, and you’ll be crowned Jarl of the Vikings!


Assemble the gameboard using Landscape boards, placing 2 Houses, 2 Watchtowers, and 3 Castles in their corresponding spaces.
Place the Trophy board and 5 Trophies along one edge of the gameboard.
Place the Ocean board along one edge and put 30 Longships into a bag, drawing out 5 and placing them on Ocean spaces.
Create a reserve for Resources (Axes, Wood, Sheep, and Gold).
Each player selects a color and takes components: 1 Fjord, 13 Vikings, and 3 Shields.
Shuffle and distribute random Construction Site tiles (Ports, Altars, Jarl Palaces) to each player.
The player who lives furthest north goes first.

How to Play:
Placing a Viking (mandatory):

Vikings must be placed adjacent to another Viking or a Longship.
Vikings cannot be placed on a Resource space already occupied by another Viking.
Take a corresponding Resource tile from the reserve and place it on an empty space on your Fjord.
Check for capturing a Building; play passes to the next player if out of Vikings.

Capturing a Building (conditional):

Different rules for capturing Houses, Watchtowers, and Castles.


Houses: Capture by placing a Viking adjacent to a House.
Watchtowers: Capture by connecting two Watchtowers with Vikings of your color.
Castles: Capture by chaining at least 4, 8, or 12 Vikings of your color, with at least one adjacent to a Castle.


Selecting a Longship (optional): Place on an empty space on your Fjord and draw another Longship for the Ocean board.
Filling Longships: Fill with indicated Resources to earn bonuses; unfilled Longships lose 5 victory points at the end.

Using a Shield (optional):

Use when placing a Viking for a specific advantage; flip the Shield after use.

Construction Sites:

Three types in your Fjord; complete by placing required Resources and Buildings adjacent to them.
Completed Construction Sites earn victory points.

Claiming a Trophy (optional):

At the end of your turn, claim a Trophy if you have enough Axes.
Place the Trophy on your Fjord with the victory points side visible.

Game End:

After all players have placed their Vikings, calculate victory points.
Add points for Castles, Watchtowers, Houses, Gold, Sheep, Wood, completed Construction Sites, and claimed Trophies.
Subtract 5 points for each unfilled Longship.
Player with the most points becomes the next Jarl; ties broken by highest value Trophy or shared victory if no tiebreaker.

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