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Get the crew together - we're going on a Heist!
Heists in Hyperspace is a tabletop card game for 2-4 players. As Captain, assemble your treasure-hunting crew and make the right decisions to claim Treasures before your rival Captains do!

Each game spans three Expeditions. Each round, players take turns choosing an Encounter card to land on. You begin at the Intergalactic Bazaar, gathering and equipping your crew of Mercenaries, before setting course for the perilous corridors of the Treasure Vault.

A Vault Card is selected at the beginning of each game. Each Vault brings its own unique twist to the table, creating interesting ways for players to sabotage, deceive and outmaneuver their opponents.

After the third Expedition, the player who has gained the most Renown - through heisting Treasures, hiring notorious mercenaries and fulfilling their Ambitions - is the most accomplished Captain, and is declared the winner!

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