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Grand Dog Park

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There is nothing more enjoyable than taking your dogs for a walk on a sunny day. You head for the Grand Dog Park, where pets can run freely, enjoy fresh air and socialize — but something's wrong! More and more dogs are starting to scratch. Oh, no! One of the dogs has fleas and the others are getting infected. Do something immediately! Gather your dogs and bathe them in anti-flea shampoo!

In Grand Dog Park, your aim is to finish the game with the fewest fleas (points). Play your dog cards and use their skills to perform tricks. Force your opponents to take the rows full of dogs with fleas.

Grand Dog Park is a collectable card game (CCG), thus along with the the base game, dozens of new breeds have been developed. Each breed has unique special skills to increase variability of the game. These expansions will be released continuously from 2019.

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