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Escape Room: The Game (Escape Rooms II)

Escape Room: The Game (Escape Rooms II) details

Escape Room: The Game (Escape Rooms II) overview

Race against the clock: you have 60 minutes to enter the correct keys on the Chrono decoder to escape. It will count down remaining time, and emit intense sounds to let you know you’re almost out of time. Can you escape?

3 exciting escape rooms with varying levels of difficulty. Work together to escape from Secret Agent, The Dentist, and Space Station.

Note: This contains a different set of escape rooms than Escape Room: The Game. Spinmaster/Identity Games website refers to this edition as "Escape Rooms 2".

Note 2: The Spanish version of this contains an additional case, The Casino. It therefore has its own entry here: Escape Room: The Game 2.

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