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Where even dreams may die!

In DREAMESCAPE, you play as a Dreamer (a dreaming human), trapped behind the door of sleep by Great Cthulhu and tyrannous gods. To escape and win the game, you must explore the changing landscape of the Dreamlands - travelling through many hundreds of unique story encounters - to find the correct key and its matching gate that will lead out of the realm and let you awaken from the nightmare. Success means coming awake, but failure leads to insanity, locked forever in a dream within your own mind!

Dreamescape is a RPG-like narrative exploration and adventure game driven by story cards. Each encounter offers roleplay-style choices for the player to choose from to advance the story. Your choices create narrative branches that drive your game (each time you play) in new diverging directions. The chances of success of these encounters is based on your character's set of skills, their equipment and the lore that you have accumulated during the game so far. But you must also rely on your previous memory and knowledge of playing the game to give you the edge in overcoming encounters. Dreamescape incorporates LUCID dreaming and DEJA VU as powerful game mechanisms that can help you win.

There are 6 uniquely unusual Dreamers (characters) for you to choose from in this base game, each with their own backstory to uncover. Three different objective scenarios, ~600 story encounter cards, ~120 unique Item/Artifacts to discover and ~120 Lore cards add to the highly varied narrative experience, meaning every game will turn out completely different.

The game offers multiple levels of interwoven story arcs and plot lines to keep you occupied and guessing each time you play. There are many hidden puzzles, traps and lore that is locked away in the game waiting for you to uncover... but all knowledge comes at a price. The more you experience, the greater your chances are of being driven deeper towards insanity!

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