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A retro dungeon crawling board game for 2-5 players. Play as one of four heroes or even as the villain!​

As one of the heroes, you will make your way through the catacombs, working together to fend off dangerous creatures and traps as you search for your Wymer Stone. You must use your stone to defeat the Cursed Dwarves and save the kingdoms of Overwyrld from the evil Wymer.

As the villain, you set traps and locks for the heroes to battle. Also, you will control the Cursed Dwarves as you attempt to defeat the heroes and doom Overwyrld to destruction by the Wymer.

Encounters have two outcomes. If the hero wins, the thumbs up side of the card is read. If the hero loses, the thumbs down portion is read. Even the game itself has outcomes based on if the heroes are victorious or not.

Encounters are decided by one die for the hero and one die for the villain. They roll against each other, and any bonuses are added to the roll to see who wins the encounter. The math never gets bigger than adding up to twelve, which is good, because math is terrible.

When we designed this game, we made it for players like us. We wanted it to be easy to learn, simple to play and challenging enough that we would want to play again.

With a lot of effort and fine-tuning, we arrived at a game that we would have loved if it had existed when we were 14. Does that mean you'll love it? We hope so. If you're looking for a complicated, intricate and punishing game, this probably isn't the game you're looking for. If you want a retro roll to resolve adventure with a compelling story that is simple to learn and play, this is the game for you!

—description from the designer

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