Bosa details

  • Designer: N/A
  • Artists: N/A
  • Publishers: Goliath Games
  • Release Date: 2024
  • Player count : 2 - 5
  • Age range : 8+
  • Time range : 20 - 45 minutes
  • Mechanism(s): End Game Bonuses
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Bosa overview

Welcome to Bosa—the jewel of Sardinia's west coast known for its colorful buildings and rustic charm. Take a stroll through the cobblestone streets while admiring the sights from the Castle of Serravalle in the hills to the breathtaking riverside of the Temo. 
In this strategy card game, embrace the leisurely lifestyle that lets you enjoy the food, crafts, and traditions that make up Bosa’s history. Be the player with the most points to win by strategically placing building cards into your townscape to gain coins, resources and points. Each building will have an action that you take in the order of placement in the row or column that you choose. You also have goal cards that you must follow to gain extra points at the end of the game.

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