Diamond Climber Awards

Meeple Mountain’s Diamond Climber Awards are now an established highlight of the tabletop calendar, celebrating the very best games released over the previous year. The Diamond Climbers reward excellence across a number of distinct categories, including Best Artwork, Best RPG, and the much-coveted Game of the Year.

Nominees and winners are decided by the whole Meeple Mountain team (more than forty experienced writers), but we want to hear from you, the fans! Our Fan Favorite voting system means that every category has two winners: one chosen by us and one by you. It’s fascinating to see where our opinions match…and where they don’t!

Dive into our opinions of all the nominees in each category below or simply check out the 2018 and 2019 winners. What do you think? Did we get it right? Did the fans?

2018 – Game of the Year Nominees header

2018 – Game of the Year Nominees

Reading Time: 8 minutesBefore introducing you to our nominations for Game of the Year, we should ask “what makes a game eligible?”. Is it artwork, or gameplay, or variety, the designer or publisher? It’s not just any of...