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Tyler’s Holiday Gaming Traditions

Join me as I share one of my most treasured holiday traditions. Hint, it's got to do with board gaming. ;)

Tis the Season for Tabletop!

If you are like me, you rarely go on any trip without a large tote of board games.  Whether it is vacation or a Thanksgiving road trip to Ohio, no trip is complete without the obligatory collection of board games that offers a varying degree of complexity, time commitment, and player counts.

I would say it is safe to say I am known as the “board game guy” by my extended family, and I wear that title as a badge of honor.  At any family gathering I am quick to begin searching for players for one of the many offerings I have brought to share. No matter the occasion I believe a few good board games can bring people together, and put a smile on everyone’s face.

My Story

My passion for tabletop gaming began back in college with plays of Twilight Imperium 3.  I have slowly grown deeper and deeper into the hobby until now where I am able to contribute to the hobby that I love so much. It was after I married my wife that I began the tradition of bringing board games to the holiday get togethers.  I enjoy seeing so many different people all brought together by the appeal of a good time, and the chance to put one over on the rest of the family. Some of our favorite stories are from a crazy upheaval win at Shadows Over Camelot, or the time there was a lot of anger over a game of Trailer Park Wars.

Now I should share that my extended family were not necessarily “board game people” but they grew to love the hobby a great deal because I shared it with them.  It has become a part of the tradition of our time together and I love that it is something I was able to add to our family.

Why It Matters

The thing I adore about the tabletop community is that it is so welcoming and open to such a diverse group of people.  Many of the best friends I have in Nashville I have made through board gaming and they do not all look, act or think like me, and that’s awesome!

Board games bring together people from different walks of life, political views, sexual orientations and religions and finds this beautiful common ground where we can all enjoy something and be together.  This is a beautiful phenomenon that I believe is a unique feature of our hobby.  It creates a kind and inclusive community that we could all use more of in life. I believe there is a lot of good the board game community can have on those inside and outside of it.

As we look at this Christmas season and reflect on the real opportunities to be in community and share valuable memories with loved ones, it seems board gaming can have a valuable role to play.  There is an opportunity to make lasting memories, unite potentially diverse people around the table for just a moment, and find a nice piece of common ground. So if you are like me this holiday season, may you get all the games you asked Santa for, may you enjoy time with your loved ones, and may your board games help bring peace on earth and good will towards men.

Happy Holidays from the Meeple Team


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Masters Student and Performance Coach. Husband to 1 and Father to 3....cats. My singular hobby/passion is board games.

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