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If MMOs Were Board Games Crossover

Today Meeple Mountain teams up with “Chris Bro” from MMO Bro to pose the question “If MMOs Were Board Games”. Take it away Chris!


You never really know if someone is a friend or foe in DayZ. They might be scavenging for supplies with you one minute and shooting you in the back the next. With a whole mess of zombies also threatening at every step, there’s no game that better captures DayZ’s atmosphere than Dead of Winter.

Dead of Winter

Dead of Winter setup

Dead of Winter assigns a secret objective to each player at the start of every game. To win the game, a player must complete his/her objective. Multiple winners are allowed, but first the players need to survive the game. As crises hit the camp, each player decide which of their personal supplies can be sacrificed and still win. So while everyone may have certain supplies to which they’re irrationally attached, generally everyone is happy to help out. The wrench in the works gets thrown by a potential traitor whose objective it is to direct the camp’s destruction.

Just like DayZ, Dead of Winter is game where surviving means working together. The threats are too big to tackle alone. And just like DayZ, not everyone can be trusted. Dead of Winter absolutely nails (and perhaps betters) DayZ’s tense, semi-cooperative atmosphere.

Check out the rest of the games on the If MMOs Were Board Games list over at MMO Bro, and thanks to “Chris Bro” for the guest post!

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