2020 Call For RPG Content Contributors

Meeple Mountain needs your help! We’re looking for passionate RPG gamers to join our team and help us to refine our voice. Join the Meeple Mountain Adventuring Party today!

Greetings Roleplayers!

In 2019 Meeple Mountain published more role-playing game content than we ever have before. We even devoted an entire week in June to RPG articles! But that’s not enough. In 2020, we want to really expand our RPG coverage to include more reviews and articles. In order to do that we need a passionate team of RPG content contributors. If you love RPGs then we want to talk to you about writing for Meeple Mountain!

We want to hear from people with interesting stories and perspectives, especially from groups whose voices might not be heard as frequently. We welcome readers from all social, ethnic, and economic backgrounds. Our goal is to expand Meeple Mountain’s presence in the gaming industry, but more importantly we want to speak with authenticity and integrity

To that end our call for contributors has three stated goals:

1. Expand our RPG coverage

Look for our upcoming Weave review!

First and foremost we are looking for content contributors who are passionate about RPGs of all kinds. Dungeons & Dragons has risen to heights not seen in 40 years and deserves the appropriate coverage, but there are so many more great RPGs out there! Whether it’s traditional crunchy numbers and dice roleplaying or more modern free-form shared storytelling we want to cover as much of it as we can.


2. We want to cover underrepresented, but important, topics in RPG gaming.

GMing with family and kids!

While the majority of our content is game reviews, those pieces don’t generate as much traffic as our Top Six lists, articles, or opinion pieces. Why is that?

We think it’s because there’s more to RPGs than the rulebooks. You might not care about our Fiasco review, but you probably do care about writing your own RPG campaign. Our articles about building up community get consistent traffic because that topic resonates with people. There are also plenty of social and mental health issues that affect each of us in different ways, and we’d love to explore them with you.

3. We need players!

We’re looking for a few punks to join us in Night City.

This seems obvious, but we all know how life and schedules get in the way of RPG sessions. We’d like to start a Meeple Mountain RPG group to play through the review copies of new and early access games that we receive (Yes, we get those!). This would most likely be online using video chat and virtual tabletops which might lead to a regular livestream game down the road if there’s interest. Before we can even discuss that, however, we need to have a solid review team first.

Join the Meeple Mountain Adventuring Party!

Maybe you’re not a reviewer? Do you write RPG-related short stories or poems, want to work with us on a webcomic, film/produce videos, or write songs about the adventurers that have perished in Undermountain? Then you’re the one for us!

If you’re interested in joining the Meeple Mountain RPG team, please send us an email (at the link below)and include the following:

  • A short bio of yourself
  • One or more writing samples
    • Please include RPG-related writing samples reflective of the kind of work you’re interested in contributing to Meeple Mountain.
  • Why you want to write about RPGs
  • The sorts of things you’d be interested in covering

I want to write for Meeple Mountain!

About the author

Than Gibson

Than Gibson is the Associate Editor for RPGs at Meeple Mountain.
He is a writer, artist, and lifelong Dungeon Master. He loves all things RPG-related and is the creator of Chronicle, a fantasy RPG setting and webcomic.

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  • Good afternoon Than,

    My name is Robert, and I saw the posting through the Meeple Mountain Facebook page calling out to RPG Contributors. In the past year or so I have found a great passion for writing stories and tales for players to go through and challenges for them to overcome. I have always felt myself desiring to craft narratives about things I enjoy, and finding the RPG world where I can create them in a way that allows others to build on them with dynamic imagination and creativity has really shown me the possibility of this story telling. I spent time as a DM running Fifth Edition D&D through a Mines of Phandelver story where I added in several home brewed story lines, and those self created sections were some of the best highlights of the campaign. I have also ran two one shots for Weave, which I see you are reviewing soon, and absolutely love the freedom that system allows and encourages.
    I really hope to be able to partner with Meeple Mountain. The culture you have created to support, encourage, and grow a passion for gaming is amazing. I got the chance to work with Tyler Williams at Gencon this past year, and he speaks very highly of Meeple Mountain and the people involved. I’ve attended a few events with you in the Nashville area, and am always impressed with the people and atmosphere you create.
    I am still new to creating whole worlds, and I hope working with this organization can be a way to build that skill, as well as learning to review things critically as well.
    Thank you for your time, and I hope to hear back from you soon.

    Robert Jones

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