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Jordan Puthenveetil

I have a firm belief that there is an infinite amount of amazingness in the world and I want to show people how fantastic and infinite everything is. I believe that tabletop gaming is one of those amazing things and it gets constantly overlooked, which leads to people missing out on these wonderful experiences. There is so much to explore in the world of board gaming. If I wanted too, I could find a new game, that I’ve never heard of, to get excited about every day. I think that there is no truth to the statement “board gaming isn’t for everyone.” There is so much of it out there. So much of it is incredibly diverse and completely different, there are games for everyone to fall in love with.

Other that board gaming, there are plenty of other exciting things that I love spending my time with. Professionally, I am a filmmaker and internet content creator. I love movies and television, especially smaller independent works. I am a huge comic book fan, I love video games, and I do stand up comedy on the side. I spend a lot of time exploring these amazing and wonderful things and I want to be able to spread all of this joy to other people.