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Jessi Goodwin

Hello. My name is Jessi and I’m addicted to boardgames.

I’m also a freelance artist, writer, mother, teacher, and animal advocate, who enjoys rollerskating in my (limited) free time.

I’ve been an avid board-game player since I was a wee kid but it wasn’t until living in Germany in the mid 1990’s that I discovered my true calling with Die Siedler von Catan (there’s just nothing like an awesome Euro game to warm the heart)!

A well-designed game can satisfy many of my favorite things at once:

  • My addiction for strategy and logic puzzles
  • My background in the arts (nothing like a beautifully designed and illustrated board-game)
  • Getting to lose myself in a creative storyline or alternate universe
  • And quality ENFP time with new friends and the people I love

Reviewing games is the perfect way to put my writing background and addictions to use… So naturally when the opportunity to write for Meeple Mountain arose I just had to grab it!