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Bricks are red,
ore is grey,
I love this game,
I’d play it all day.

Some games make a huge impact on our lives, they get under our skin and refuse to let go. Maybe their mechanics scratch an itch we never knew we had or they’ve got a theme that’s just so us. Perhaps they helped us bond with an important friend or were the first game to get us into the hobby. Whatever the reason, we adore them. Sure, maybe they aren’t perfect but to us they’re just right.
These are the games we love.

Games We Love: Catan

How did Catan become a game that has sold over 22 million copies and played all over the world? It's all about sheep, ore, wheat, and wood. Read on to find out why we love Catan.

Suburbia: Collected Thoughts

Suburbia was released way back in 2012, a diamond in some fairly beige rough. How come it’s still so good? What is its legacy and impact? Where can it go next? These are collected thoughts on Suburbia, its three main...

The Splendorificness of Splendor!

Gemstone tokens and development cards work to create one of the easiest, most simple engine-building games that our reviewer has ever played. Read on to learn why Splendor is one of our favorite games.

Top 6 Reasons I Love Terra Mystica

It’s difficult to pick just one game as your favourite. And I still haven’t! But there are some games I come back to again and again, and can comfortably say that I love. Here are the Top 6 Reasons I Love Terra Mystica.