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Emperor’s New Clothes Game Review

Perhaps the most streamlined mechanics ever created.

A morality tale. A game that might just take the tale too seriously. Let’s find out in this Meeple Mountain review!

A Brief History

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The Box Cover


Emperor’s New Clothes is an art project that claims to be a game. It is not a game, it is a collection of blank, stark-white game pieces that could be used to create a game, I suppose. But that is not really the point. The point is the joke.

If you do not get the joke, then I highly recommend that you read the story from which this piece of art is riffing. The story is quite short, and as a piece by Hans Christian Anderson, it is quite well written.


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Emperor’s New Clothes

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This review is also a joke. The idea is to riff off of the art project masquerading as a game in much the same way that game is riffing off of the classic fable. I have included enough ‘invisible’ text here (you know, the review that I am claiming is here but is not) that it will appear that a review is present, all while there is no real review here to read. I, personally, find the use of the Lorem Ipsum text to be quite funny. You might not agree.


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So, in conclusion, this is a fantastic little game that has a lot to offer. This is true no matter if you are a hard-core simulationist, or a casual family-gamer. There is really no style of play that this game cannot support. Getting yourself a copy of this gem is going to be tough, however, as the publisher no longer carries the game and those that have copies are not generally in the habit of parting with them. That said, the game’s creator is rumored to be looking into the possibility of publishing a new, deluxe edition in the near future.

  • Great - Would recommend.

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K. David Ladage

Avid board gamer, role-player, and poet; software and database engineer. I publish some things under the imprint ZiLa Games. Very happy to be here.

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