Nashville Game Night Sponsorships

Nashville Game Night Sponsorships

Meeple Mountain hosts two of the largest and longest running Game Nights in the city of Nashville. Started in 2014, it has grown from 10 or 15 people at a single monthly event to regular attendance of 70-90 gamers at two monthly events. Nashville Game Night, and Nashville Game Night South are open to gamers of all beliefs and backgrounds and our goal is to cultivate a community that can come together over our shared love of board games.

Why Sponsor Nashville Game Night?

Since Meeple Mountain hosts events in addition to creating reviews, editorial content, and news, we’re connected with the local gaming community in a way that other review sites can’t match. We currently have a mailing list of nearly 2,000 subscribers, and a monthly attendance of 90+. Nashville Game Night has even been featured on the Nashville Channel 5 News.

Nashville Game Night winners for September 2017, sponsored by Big G Creative

What Does Sponsorship Entail?

In 2016 we created a sponsorship program for Nashville Game Night in which we partner with publishers to cross promote our event and that publisher’s existing, newly released, or upcoming products. Your company, and your game, will be the sponsor for that Game Night and will mail us a set of product you’d like to promote to our attendees. We set aside 1 copy for review on, and use the others as giveaways at the event.

Meeple Mountain will also promote your involvement and your titles across social media (Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram), and to our mailing list of local gamers. In addition we may run demos or play to wins of your games at our event.

Here are a few photo galleries of past events: December, November, October, and September Game Nights for reference.

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