Ill-Conceived Games Ready to Stir the Pot with Summer Releases

Pittsburgh, PA—Following the untraceable success of their 2023 releases, Ill-Conceived Games announced a new group of titles for the upcoming Board Game Con season. President, CEO, and ChatGPT journeyman David Rivative all but guaranteed nomination for the coveted VerspottenSPIEL award in his remarks.  

Expected to draw the bulk of attention, Lost Cities of Arnak generated buzz throughout the press conference. “There’s a reason no one’s tried pulling cards out of a bag before,” Rivative said as he touted the earthy components, adding, “—because we hadn’t been around to think of it. Nothing says archaeology like digging, am I right?” 

Next on stage was the two-player limited communication game of tribal dominance, Isle of Skye Team. Rivative wheeled out a scale jetliner cockpit for effect, adding: “We really felt like there was a need in the industry for that perfect blend of commodity speculation and expert aerial navigation. This one’s all about landing the deal, you know, in Scotland.” Amid several questions regarding the clashing themes, he added, “It’s a metaphor.” 

The event drew to a close with the surprise announcement of a new anaerobic trick-taker, Taco Cat in a Box. Boasting “unpredictable, finger-breaking fun,” the box looked good enough to eat. “We knew we needed something original,” Rivative shared. “And then it hit us: trick-takers need a good slap in the face. Or at least on the hand. Only two of our stand-in players suffered more than a minor fracture.” 

The Ill-Conceived van was seen driving away mere moments after the conference ended. Let’s hope for the best from this year’s titles. 

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