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Board games are as old as history itself. Men and women have been pitting themselves in contests of intellect, luck, and skill for thousands and thousands of years. Now the only difference is that we have a constellation of options to to choose from. Fight for control of a chain of islands in the Pacific, best your opponents as a merchant in a desert city, or simply be the one to bust open a Piñata at a birthday party.

Playing two player board games is a delight and a challenge. These games by necessity must be tight and well done. There’s no variety in play style simply by adding more players. I regularly play many of the games listed below with my 10 year daughter and with my wife. It’s a great way to grow friendships and intimacy, but it’s also a great way to crush your enemies beneath your feet. Either way is fine…just get to playing!

Codename Duet header

Codenames Duet Review

In today’s 2-player spotlight, we talk about Codenames Duet, one of the new offerings from Czech Games Edition. This game pits two players against the game itself as they race to figure out the identities of their secret agents...

Dome Crushers header image

Dome Crushers Review

Dome Crushers is a head to head, 24 card battle royale, with MtG quality artwork. Can Floodgate Games pull off a microgame? Find out in our review!

Nantucket Review – Nathaniel Levan

In today’s 2-player spotlight, we talk about Nantucket. Inspired by its bigger sibling, New Bedford, this tiny microgame about town building and whaling packs a lot of punch! Read our review to find out more!

Lost Cities review header

Lost Cities Review – Reiner Knizia

In today’s 2-player spotlight, we talk about Lost Cities. This deceptively simple card game has players using cards to go on expeditions to exotic locations. But hidden beneath that simple veneer is a game bubbling with...

Ahead in the Clouds Review

Buttonshy Games has been killing it this year with a lineup of fast, portable games. Find out if Ahead in the Clouds stands out from the pack!

Daxu – A Review in Three Acts

Listen children...your reputation is all you truly own. Shall I tell you the tale of two shopkeepers whose rivalry knew no bounds? It begins in the Southeast Chinese village of Daxu.